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Massachusetts is EVolving

Transportation accounts for 40 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts. Cars, SUVs, minivans, pickups were responsible for roughly a quarter of the total greenhouse gas pollution. Massachusetts has rolled out a range of initiatives while pushing towards having at least 300,000 zero emission vehicles on state roads by 2025. Encouraging more zero emission vehicles will be crucial to achieving the statewide goal to drastically reduce greenhouse gas pollution by 2050.

ZEVs and Zero Carbon Transportation

ZEVs reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants while saving money and time for their owners.

Vehicle Charging

ZEVs get their power from the grid through plugging in at home or at charging stations at work or public locations.


Delivery vehicles, refrigeration trucks and buses that run on electricity reduce operating costs, petroleum use and noise and air pollution.


Massachusetts has collected a variety of model contracts that include ZEV requirements to provide a guide for businesses.


Massachusetts offers up to $2,500 to reduce passenger vehicle costs and can identify other programs that help reduce costs.


MASS DRIVE CLEAN is the state's ongoing outreach program to build consumer awareness of ZEV choices.

Zero  Emission  Vehicles  and  Zero  Carbon  Transportation

Massachusetts is committed to a clean energy economy. Transportation electrification is a priority for the state to meet goals set by the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act, which requires the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 and at least 80 percent by 2050. Many states, including Massachusetts, have adopted rules that require increasing sales of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) to help save consumers money, achieve state clean air goals, enhance energy security, and promote economic growth.

Massachusetts has launched a number of programs to support the transition to zero carbon transportation. The state now offers incentives to purchase clean vehicles, has helped expand the Northeast vehicle charging corridor to facilitate long distance driving, provides funding for workplace charging and supports ongoing programs to educate residents about the reliability, performance, convenience and savings of choosing an electric vehicle.

ZEVs are fun and safe to drive while emitting far lower pollution and having far lower fuel and maintenance costs. Each year Massachusetts residents can choose from an every increasing number of plug-in vehicles, available in all model types of models. The vehicles represent the leading edge in transportation technology and boast impressive features like immediate torque, a silent ride and premium performance. As a result, most automakers have pledged that they will soon offer an electric version in each of their vehicle lines.

Reduce individual carbon emissions by up to 60% with an electric vehicle

Consumers on average can save up to $1,000 per year when switching to electric

Mass is EVolving

Vehicle Charging

Surveys show availability of charging is a top concern of prospective car buyers. MA data has shown that over 76% of the employers that have installed charging, said that at least 1-5 more EVs were brought onto the campus.

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Workplace Charging

Many employers have already installed charging systems and helped develop guidance on what to consider as you plan your infrastructure investments. One key finding is to future proof your investment – employers often find “build it and more will come”.

Network Management

There are tools that can help you determine how to best manage your charging network and where your employees or contractors can access public charging when they are on the road.

Infrastructure Funding

Funding is available to support you whether it is through your electricity provider, the state or other programs.

Vehicle Charging Resources

Educational tools, articles, studies, webinars, and other vehicle charging resources

Mass is EVolving


Your fleet, whether it includes leased cars for employee use, delivery vehicles or refrigerated systems, can benefit from electrification.

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Fuel Cost

If your fleet has tractors or trailers in it, you can save 15-20% fuel costs over traditional equipment

Reduce Pollution

You can reduce fuel and pollution from all deliveries by seeking all opportunities to contract with EPA Smartway partners.

Employee Use Vehicles

When leasing vehicles for employee use, consider encouraging employees to select an electric vehicle for their short or long term professional or personal use.

Fleet Resources

Educational tools, articles, studies, webinars, and other fleet resources

Mass is EVolving


You can encourage private contractors (delivery, rental or construction companies) to reduce costs and pollution, eliminate idling on your campus and join programs that help them learn about their options.

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Strong Network

EPA Smartway partners have saved over $29B in fueling costs since 2004, helping to strengthen business and protect the environment.

Good Visitor Policy

You can make sure that anyone coming to your facility knows that it is illegal to idle and to turn off their engines to save fuel and reduce air  pollution.

Clean Construction

You can encourage or require contractors to take advantage of programs like MA Clean Cities and to use clean construction equipment while working on your campus.

Contract Resources

Educational tools, articles, studies, webinars, and other outreach resources

Mass is EVolving


While the cost of ZEVs is coming down, the cars are still more expensive than a comparable gas powered vehicle. State rebates, and private company incentives, can help overcome that initial increased cost of ownership.

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State Savings

You can help your employees understand that the state offers rebates for electric, plug-in electric hybrids and fuel cell electric cars.

Cost Calculator

There are tools that can help residents understand the cost of ownership and the incentives available to them as well as compare the costs with those of their favorite gas powered car.

Group Discounts

The state provides large group discounts on select vehicles.

Incentives Resources

Educational tools, articles, studies, webinars, and other incentives resources

Mass is EVolving


While most people know very little about EVs, first hand experience through test drives of various ZEVs at one time has resulted in increased car sales

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MASS Drive Clean

Test drives hosted by employers as part of MASS Drive Clean have noticeable results – 25% of participants visit a dealership and at least 10% purchase or lease one after the event.

Workplace Events

Share stories about MassEVolves progress with employees and use the logo to attract new employees.

Accelerate Adoption

States and automakers agree that increasing awareness and understanding of ZEVs can accelerate purchases.

Outreach Resources

Educational tools, articles, studies, webinars, and other outreach resources

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